Playboy MMO?

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As if you didn't have enough pr0n on your hard drive already--I just read today that Playboy is considering building a new massive online player game based on their famous adult entertainment franchise. Apparently, they already have a "bunny island" set up in Second Life, but this would be a fully dedicated project. It's interesting on a number of levels. For one, I wonder how they will attract females to the game; will they have a large staff of virtual women on hand to entertain the men who flock to the world? Will this be some sort of intricate cybersex type deal with live cams or voice? Let's *hope* the graphics are more representational than those in Second Life, though.

Barring the obvious NSFW factor, is something you'd be interested in trying for yourself?

Something about this reminds me of the various contraptions and gizmos seen in so many 80s sci-fi flicks. More on this is found at playTM.


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It just sounds bad all

It just sounds bad all around. I cant see anything "good" from this at all really.

I must be the only person never to have been/seen/played/know second life.

-- Stu --

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Great business idea, not for me though...

I see the business sense/value of this--I think it's long overdue, but as a happily married man there's no interest in it for me. If I were single, it might be fun to putter around a bit, I suppose...

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