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Gamasutra has released the last in the series of book excerpts from the future Hiive Books publication, this one on the Atari 8-bit computer series, from their "A History of Gaming Platforms" series from authors Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton. Check out the cover feature article here, and look below for images that Gamasutra chose not to use:


1985’s Temple of Apshai Trilogy (front cover shown) from Epyx was one of many titles translated between different platforms. Placing more than one computer version in the same box to lower costs was fairly common practice. One format could be on the front of a disk, and another on the back. Cassettes were even more versatile, sometimes with programs for a half dozen or more different platforms on one tape.

The back of the box for Atari’s 130XE computer.


Bill Loguidice
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Sometimes a few kind words go a long way!

Hey, I appreciate the comment, here: "Gamasutra's acclaimed game history series continues..."

Our friends over at Gamasutra had been a bit vague about how well the series had been doing other than "very well" (paraphrasing), so it warms my weary writer heart (working on that new, unrelated book is taking its toll on Matt and me) to see it in public writing...

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Matt Barton
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Praise is Golden

God, I agree with that. The money we get from these is greatly appreciated, but not really enough to "pay" for all the work that goes into these. A few kind words, positive comments, anything positive goes a long way towards rewarding us emotionally. It's very easy to be negative, nitpicky, etc., but that kind of stuff should be minimal unless you really hate us and don't enjoy reading our stuff--in which case, why the heck are you here??? It's much better to say some nice things. A buffed ego = a happy, more productive writer!!

BTW, I noticed the same thing about game authors. I recently forwarded a nice note someone wrote me about Wizard's Castle to the author, who said he almost cried reading it. The guy had said how much the game meant to him and how it inspired him. Take a moment to think about people who have made things you enjoyed, and take a moment to make their day with a positive comment!!

Rob Daviau
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So true guys! Hell, I

So true guys! Hell, I haven't read any of your full books but just the clips and posted articles I have read is enough as
a classic gamer and lover of all things gaming and classic computer related to say in all honesty, "THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!
Thank you for taking the time, effort and your love of classic consoles, gaming and computers to help give back to the
community and helping us re-live and indulge or love of our hobbies. I think your efforts definitely help make our interest
and hobbies receive more respect and acceptance that is deserved by bringing more knowledge and detail to not only
those of us who already love such activities but to those who have yet to discover the fun and joy of them! YOU GUYS ROCK!"


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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