Steve Meretzky on the Idiocy of Modern Gaming

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Steve Meretzky has some comments up at Game Set Watch from an interview at GDC. If the name "Meretzky" doesn't ring a bell, you may not have played some of the finest text adventure games ever made. Meretzky brought us Planetfall and Stationfall, and worked with Doug Adams on his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game. To fans of interactive fiction, Meretzky is a minor deity, but his analysis is good reading for any gamer. The main point here is that the big budgets and corporate-style decision making of the modern industry has hamstrung creativity, and we need more developers with the cajones to force their innovative ideas through the muck.

Here's a snippet:

We need to fight conservative ideas at every point -- from brainstorming to pitch meetings even just when talking to a friend. Be subversive. If you invent a better mousetrap, other developers will see it and they'll use it and the innovation will spread until it's the standard. And be an evangelist."