The Game Creators Newsletter--with Dungeons & Desktops!

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I just received this month's issue of the Game Creators' Newsletter, and boy is it loaded with great content. Of course I'm biased since they give a nice review and excerpt of my book in there, but there are plenty of other columns of interest--Dark Basic, anyone? We don't hear much about the UK scene, so I'd check it out for that factor alone, but I've listed the sections below for your perusal. BASICally, if you're AT ALL interested in game development, get your butt over there and subscribe to this thing; it's fantastic.

Facebook gets an Arcade Facelift
The TGC Official Convention 2008
The Game Creators at Dare to be Digital
MSNBC report on 3D Technology
Standalone Store for Everyone
Scraggle's Wonderful Emporium
MPL3D Solar System Update
Dungeons & Desktops :)
FPS Creator News
DarkBASIC Professional Tutorial - Building a Platform Game Part VI
Lee's Tip of the Month - Constructive Solid Geometry
PlayBasic News
Heroes Quest - 2008 PlayBASIC game making competition