Filming a Documentary at GDC 09 - Can you Help with Names and Info?

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As you may or may not know, Matt Barton and I are working with Lux Digital Pictures as writers and producers on an upcoming feature film documentary on videogames. As such, we're looking to interview various industry professionals for the documentary. The interviews will be conducted the week of the convention at an adjacent hotel. If anyone has a particular person in mind to interview who will be at GDC 09 in San Francisco next month and happens to know their contact info or can suggest how to get in contact with them, that would be appreciated.

Alternately, if you are an industry professional who will be in the area of GDC 09 from March 23 - March 27 and are interested in being interviewed as part of the feature film documentary, please get in contact with me at for more details.

Thanks, everyone!


Matt Barton
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If any of you guys live

If any of you guys live around SF, what a great chance to party!

Bill Loguidice
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Matt Barton wrote:

If any of you guys live around SF, what a great chance to party!

;-) Hopefully we won't have time for that since we'll be so booked with interviews...

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