Congratulate OR Weep for me! Soon to be CDi OWNER!

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Just closed a deal on a sweet CDi package including:

- Digital Video Cartridge
- Controller (Gamepad type controller NOT remote)
- Hookups
- Gun
- book of CD-i backups (also left a few Jag CD discs in there...who knows,
maybe someday you'll get a Jag CD and need games right?)
- 9 DVDR set is iso's
- 11 original game discs (8 titles total + 3 dupes) marked as demo discs,
I understand these are a bit hard to come by.
- 5 original retail games in cases
- 1 original CD-i movie, "Addams Family"

LOL! Well the collector side of me is stoked, of course most reviews and info on the net is not to
positive regarding the machine that brought the worst Zelda games ever but I am looking forward
to making my own MaximumRD video and TRY to put a positive spin on it heh!


Bill Loguidice
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It's actually a fairly nice

It's actually a fairly nice system with some unique titles, though it doesn't do action games well. When it sticks to game shows and party games and the like and games with heavy full motion video, it actually performs extremely well.

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Rob Daviau
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Cool, yeah I am interested

Cool, yeah I am interested in the FMV stuff and I also just ordered the adaptor that allows the use of a Sega GENESIS gamepad!


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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