Matt Chat 14: The Lost Vikings!

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This week's Matt Chat is about The Lost Vikings, one of my personal favorites. I originally played this game on the Amiga, but it was designed for the SNES. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! I am taking suggestions for future episodes, so please let me know your ideas. I'd love to read them!


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Hi Matt Great video as

Hi Matt

Great video as always. I recently got a copy of Amiga Forever so I will definately be revisiting Lost Vikings. In terms of future Matt Chats some games I would like to see are my old favourites Ultima Underworld, System Shock 2 or Faery Tale. But to be honest any classic RPG will always interest me.

Rob Daviau
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I love this game, if I

I love this game, if I remember correct I played this on AMIGA, I thought it was a very well done but overlooked puzzler.


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...

Chris Kennedy
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Thanks again, Matt.

The Lost Vikings is yet another one of those games that I knew about when it was released but never got around to trying. I played a decent amount of SNES games when the system was in its heyday, and many of those were rentals. I guess I didn't really get a nice recommendation for The Lost Vikings. Its cover art and a small handful of screenshots were probably the only things I saw at the time of its release, and I imagine I quickly overlooked it for another game. Come to think of it, I may have received an issue of Nintendo Power that covered it. Either way, "Vikings" just didn't stir much interest in me. The idea of playing the game was cast aside.

These days, we have the good ol' net. What does this mean? It means I drop in for another visit to Armchair Arcade and lo and behold - Matt Chat hits up another game that I know exists but have never played. Good deal.

Although I knew of Lost Vikings prior to this point, I didn't know they made a sequel "The Lost Vikings 2" as well as "Norse by Norsewest" (ha!).

I find the whole premise to be quite amusing. I'll admit I laughed a bit when I saw the three Vikings roaming around inside of this alien spacecraft. The graphics were adequate enough to truly give me the feeling that those guys were somewhere that they didn't belong. The dialog helped ("I've got a bad feeling about this" among other lines), but the simple concept of moving around a Viking inside of a spaceship seems quite funny to me.

The game seems to be a game in the traditional sense of the word. Pick up the controller and go. It isn't just some sort of platform game. It's rounded out by the puzzle solving and the act of switching between the three main characters. Interesting. The pacing seems right, the control seems fair, and it seems like a game you could quickly explain to a non-gamer and have them playing it & enjoying themselves within minutes. I may have to try this one out.

- Chris (formerly CkRtech)

Matt Barton
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Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great comments, guys! You've been supportive of my little hobby from the beginning, and it means a lot to me on a personal level.

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Great video as always. One point I wanted to make - back in the day it seemed that Interplay was synonymous with quality. It was a dark day when they shut their doors...

LarryLaffer (not verified)
nice work. I though you did

nice work. I though you did a job with this one. the music is appropriete because it is the music from the game. I want to know about adventure book. I want to know more about it. PS. One thing is that there is a hiss in the audio but not to bad.

Looking forward to more Matt chat! Can I recommend that you do Choplifter, it is classic. Also Sensible soccer.

Matt Barton
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Thanks, Larry. I guess I

Thanks, Larry. I guess I must be doing something right if you changed your mind about the show.

I'm planning something really special for the next episode. Not sure if I'll be able to pull it off tomorrow or not (still waiting on a needed package to arrive), but hopefully it will be finished this weekend. It's a very ambitious undertaking for me, but I'm hoping to see it through. I think it will be worth the effort in the long run.

Matt Chat #15 is going to blow you away!

Mark Vergeer
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Good vid Matt

I played this game quite a bit as well. The music is horrible though, there are more games of this era featuring this totally out of character horrible 'hip hop' style music. Actually the music is what was the major let down for me. It is indeed very close of not identical to a song of a Dutch composer. Very 2unlimited-like totally not my style.

The animations are very cute and choosing the different Vikings for various tasks makes it very interesting. A very good and LONG game. It just keeps going on and on. Beat it once, probably will not be able to finish it again.

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Orakio "O Gagá" Rob (not verified)
Regarding Charles Deenen...

I know I'm a few months late, but anyway, nice show once again, congratulations.

Regarding the music, I don't know who did it. All I know is that Charled Deenen worked for Interplay. In fact, he created the (excellent) extra songs for the SNES version of Out of this World, later ported to the Sega Genesis by Tommy Tallarico. I've asked Deenen about OOTW soundtrack via email, and he confirmed that he had created the extra songs. Maybe if you email him, he will solve the mistery regarding The Lost Vikings too.

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Love watching all these, and

Love watching all these, and gotta admit that music during (elite?) in your intro sure brings back memories. One thing, You may want to check out Gobliiins (yes 3 "i"'s as it was 3 of them) is the game that Vikings used for "insperation", maybe I'm wrong But I'm pretty sure. Also the 3 vikings are all in World Of Warcraft, they are in Uldaman, kinda a neat little nod to them.

great stuff as always.

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