Punch Out & Bit Trip Beat

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Recently acquired these two games and they are a perfect example of old game concepts made new with a dose of modern tech. Normally I'm not a fan of this type of thing but it proves the oft-made point that it can work.

Punch Out is a remake of the NES original and is all the better for the new visuals, sounds and control scheme(s). It feels like the original game which is easier said than done - it has bags of character. There are achievements to get and there's also a "title defence" mode with all new enemy moves for those who played the original a bit too much taking the challenge out of this remake. Excellent stuff. You can use the remote and nunchuk tyo dodge and throw punches or just use the NES style control scheme that replicate the original. I've stuck with the remote+nunchuk as it works well and adds to the experience. There's balance board support too but I haven't got one of those yet.

Bit Trip Beat is like a "what if" game come true. I've long wished for a paddle game made in the modern era and here it is. Its a Wiiware downloadable title that's hard to describe - but essentially its like playing a pong/breakout derivative to music. The game starts out looking like a 2600 game but the better you play, the better the sights and sounds get. Miss a few "balls" called "beats" here and they start to downgrade - ultimately to a black and white blocks with no music apart from beeps coming from the remote. One miss and its game over at this point. This is the sort of game I'd have loved to see in my teens as I reckon I'd be more up to the challenge then. Only 3 levels but they are long and the 2nd level is rock hard. The control scheme is superb - instead of wavy wavy - you hold the remote horizontally and rotate it toward and away from you - just like holding on old paddle controller on its side. 600points and recommended.


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That Bit Trip Beat game

That Bit Trip Beat game sounds really cool. I like the concept.

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Check it out here Matt...

Check it out here Matt... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Pl4sPurck

Just learned it has 4 player coop mode!!!

Bill Loguidice
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I'm intrigued by the new

I'm intrigued by the new Punch Out! being a huge fan of the arcade version and later the NES and SNES sequels, but I preordered Fight Night Round 4, which I realize is entirely different, but close enough where I think I'll greatly enjoy it more than Punch Out! Still, I'd definitely love to get it at some point.

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