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Well of course my retro and classic gaming interests extends to other media, such as my CD/DVD collection. Thought it might be interesting to throw this video together and show some of my collection. Maybe of interests, maybe not but what the heck, consider this a space filler video. Thanks for watching and as always love your comments, replies and feedback!


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mate its like you're

mate its like you're actually on crack, gotta love your spirit though:] keep on reading retro gamer!

Rob Daviau
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Crack? Naw, I just look like

Crack? Naw, I just look like that. Also, yes fans of this stuff appreciate the enthusiasm, I have actually had comments in other videos that I seemed tired or sad and that is because I usually am tired from working so much I barely have time to make videos. It helps when I am on a site by myself I can finally work on videos!


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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