Matt Chat 31: A Rockstar Ate My Hamster

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This week, I decided to cover one of those games that "are so bad they're good," namely, Colin Jones' A Rockstar Ate My Hamster. If you're into tabloids, parody, chiptunes, and British wit--this weird "bargain bin" title is a must-play. Check it out!


Mark Vergeer
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I think the ZX spectrum

I think the ZX spectrum graphics on this game are a work of art and of high quality, despite the colors bleeding etc. The ZX was a very limited machine when it came to producing colorful graphics.
But if you compare the graphics between the various platforms they are often pixel perfect conversions with more color thrown in depending on the capabilities of the platform.

Nice Matt Chat ! Very good choice of game.

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Matt Barton
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Of course, I'm not as

Of course, I'm not as familiar with the BBC Micro, Amstrad, and ZX Spectrum computers as I'd like to be. I have gotten to the point when I recognize quick and dirty conversions to the C-64; there's a certain look to the graphics.

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Forgotten game

I have to admit that I had totally forgotten about this game. It was nice to be reminded of a time when British culture was represented in computer games. Now there is much more globalisation in games which is fine really as the mass market dictates that and I think it is great that games are as mainstream as movies.

Nice also to be reminded of the Spectrum. The best home computer ever!! Some many original games came out for the spectrum and it had a real homebrew feel to it.

As a matter of interest are you guys aware of the origin of the title of this game? It is a reference to a Sun (terrible british tabloid) headline concerning Freddie Star. Freddie is (was?) a notorious hell raising comedian anyway one night he picked up a young lady and was taken back to her flat. He woke up drunk and in the night went to her kitchen to find some food. Finding nothing much available he put her pet hamster between two slices of bread and ate it! Hence the front page headline Freddie Star ate may hamster! Clearly nonsense and i think it was later retracted but you can't keep a good story quiet. So here I am 25 years later relating it to you!

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