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Wii Fitness for Dummies (2010), by Christina and Bill Loguidice, through Wiley.

Wii Fitness for Dummies, available from retailers worldwide, is THE book on the Nintendo Wii fitness revolution. Part 1 covers Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus, Part 2 covers EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer from Electronic Arts, and Part 3 covers Majesco's Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. There are two parts of ten at the back of book, as well, which cover ten Wii fitness accessories, and ten other Wii fitness games, respectively. You'll not only get to know all of the games inside and out, but also learn proper exercise form, theory and methodology to maximize your fitness experience, all in the inimitable friendly and approachable for Dummies style.

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            Why You Need This Book

            How to Use This Book

            How This Book is Organized

                        Part I: Wii Fit Plus

                        Part II: EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer

                        Part III: Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010

                        Part IV: The Part of Tens

            Icons Used in This Book

            Where Do I Go from Here?


Part I: Wii Fit Plus

Chapter 1: Getting Started

            Introducing Wii Fit Plus

What’s in the Box

            Hooking Up the Components

Establishing Your Baseline

            Initial Body Measurements

            Body Control Baseline

            Understanding Balance Board Capabilities

            Incorporating the Wii Remote and Nunchuk

                        Navigating the Wii Fit Plus Menus

                                    Wii Fit Plaza


                                    Training menu

                                    Fit Credits and Fit Bank

                                    Wii Fit Plus Channel

            Warming Up and Cooling Down

Chapter 2: Understanding your Baseline

            Finding Your Center of Balance

                        Body test

                        Center of Balance test

            Body Mass Index (BMI)

            Controlling Your Body

            Determining Your Wii Fit Age

            Marking Your Results

            Setting Goals

            Assessing and Comparing Your Results

            Locking and Unlocking Your Results           

            Chapter 3: Getting Fit with Yoga and Strength Training

Getting Started

Understanding Yoga

Mastering the Yoga Poses

                        Standing Poses


                                    Two-legged Balance

                                    One-legged Balance

                        Floor Poses

                        Beginning Strength Training

                                    Working Your Lower Body

                                    Working Your Upper Body

                                    Whittling Your Waistline

                                    Stepping Up to the Challenges

            Chapter 4: Working Out with My Wii Fit Plus

                        Starting My Wii Fit Plus

                        Going Over The Icons

                                    Burning Calories

                                    Checking Fit Credits

                                    Changing your Trainer

                                    Understanding METs

                        Working Out with Wii Fit Plus Routines

                                    Combining Routines

                        Making My Routine

                                    Creating your Routine


            Chapter 5: Breaking a Sweat with Aerobics

                        Getting Started

                        Toning Your Body

                                    Pounding the Pavement

                                    Step Up to Fitness

                                    Knock Out Fat

                                    Getting Your Virtual Hoop On

Chapter 6: Playing Training Plus and Balance Games

            Starting Training Plus and Balance Games

Discovering Training Plus

            Improving Your Balance with Games


Part II: EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer

Chapter 7: Getting Started

Introducing EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer

Exploring What’s in the Box

Gearing Up

            Creating Your Fitness Profile

                        Establishing Your Fitness Profile

                        Customizing Your Avatar

                        Editing Your Fitness Profile

                        Earning Trophies

Navigating the Main Menu

            Keeping Your Fitness Journal

                        The Checklist

                        Daily Medals

                        Goals, Profile, and Calendars

            Working Out

                        30 Day Challenge

                        Preset & Custom Workouts

Using Help & Settings


                                    Wii Balance Board

                        Getting Fit with a Friend

            Chapter 8: Performing the Exercises

            Working Your Upper Body

            Working Your Lower Body

            Increasing Your Heart Rate with Cardio

            Having Fun with Sports

Chapter 9: Getting Active with Routines

            Choosing From Preset Workouts

            Developing a Custom Workout

Creating your Routine

Editing your Routine

                        Trying these Routines

Assessing Your Post-Workout Results


Part III: Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010

            Chapter 10: Getting Started

                        Introducing Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010

                        Registering Your Information

Navigating the Island Hub

                                    The Workout Area

                                    Jillian’s Locker

                                    My Info



            Chapter 11: Tackling the Exercises

                        Examining Exercise Tracking and Scoring

                        Customizing the Single Exercise Workout Area

                        Working Out with Wii Remote Exercises

Performing Wii Balance Board Exercises

Cooling Down Exercises

            Chapter 12: Running through the Routines

                        Examining Circuit Training

                                    Jillian’s Circuits

                                    My Circuits

Establishing Resolutions

            Create New

            Jillian’s Pre-Made


Part IV: The Part of Tens

            Chapter 13: The Ten Best Wii Fitness Accessories

Chapter 14: Ten Other Wii Fitness Workout Programs



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