Matt Chat 44: Ralph Baer Interview

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This week, I interview the father of videogames, Ralph Baer. I'm sure most of you are familiar with his work already, but in short he invented the "brown box" prototype that would become the Magnavox Odyssey, saved Coleco, and created the SIMON musical toy and hundreds of other cool toys and gadgets. I had a great time interviewing him. Enjoy the show! By the way, here's a link to his book page.


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Nice points, Chris. I'm sure

Nice points, Chris. I'm sure that once video technology catches up to podcasting, we will see an explosion of feature-length amateur documentaries sprouting up all over the net. It's possible now if you break up a Youtube video into several parts, but that's obviously not what YouTube was set up to handle (3-5 minute video clips). There are other video sites that allow for longer videos, but they are also more restrictive (no game videos, no international access, etc.) Of course, there's nothing stopping someone from releasing a feature-length thing hosted on their own website or as a torrent. Then you get into all the phobia about torrents, though. So, I see no practical way ATM for a lone individual to release feature-length documentary videos on the net.

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One option you have that others don't

Just wanted to say that with the "Matt Chat", "Armchair Arcade" you are definitely creating a quality based content hub type of thing. As far as making money with the Matt Chat offerings or something similar, why not just take the first 12 or 24 episodes and release them on DVD with a nice case and DVD artwork? I would buy the show on DVD if it was to come with things like out takes (I am sure it is mind boggling as to some of the stuff that was cut to make the time constraints of Youtube) and other little pieces that could be of interest.

There are printing companies that you can order as few as 100 copies (probably fewer if you shopped around though the profit margin would take a hit the lower the print run). Do a pre-order type sale and go with the turn out for that as your basis on ordering (this could allow for price checking to make sure that you are making something on it without getting fleeced for the costs upfront).

The couple of pieces I have put up that featured Matt Chat have been some of the more popular posts we have had on my site. The fans are there, we just need to get that marketing genius on board.

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