The Legend of Zelda: Where Michael Jackson and Satanism Meet

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Many of us have suspected that the Legend of Zelda smacked of something subversive, and the video below reveals that my suspicions were warranted. Besides the fact that Link's sexuality is an open question, Zelda is actually based on esoteric Satanic and Wacko Jacko rituals, as evidenced by this secret Japanese television commercial for the Super Famicom version:

'Nuff said! See Destructoid for more. Or, if you want to see someone kick your butt at Super Mario World...Geezus, who needs cable??


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The video is correct, this is

The video is correct, this is the greatest Zelda commercial ever. It has a lot of Thriller elements in it, but it totally makes me want to play Zelda. Was this commercial truly a secret? Why would they hide it?

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Wow Japanese Rap!

Wow that sounds actually quite cool - Japanese rap!


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