Diablo 2 - Back in Action

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Diablo II. It just doesn't quite go away.

My first experience with Diablo was via a demo I played in 1996. I remember playing it and thinking, "I have GOT to buy this game." I have to say that as soon as it was out, it was in my hands. Seems like I even paid more money for it than I had to since I bought it at a mom & pop shop rather than a large chain. No big deal - It was game time.

When the 2nd one came out, it was huge. I picked it up, but I had only planned to play it to sell the item drops on ebay. I thought it was absolutely "crazy stupid" that people would buy non-tangible items via online auction. This was circa 2000. We've covered the topic of online sales of virtual items before, but that is not the point of this blog.

Well, it didn't take too long before I simply enjoyed playing the game. My time spent gathering items for sale was long gone, and I was back in action. I remember being excited when the expansion pack came out, and it added some new excitement to an already great game.

I had a few friends that I would play with - all friends that I already knew "in person." We were pretty good. My characters hit level 97 and 94. Some of the other guys had characters in the 90s, and one had several 99s.

Those days are behind me now. I don't think I have played the game since late 2003. Errr...that is...until TODAY!


I visited my future in-laws a few weeks ago, and I met my future brother. He is a big PC gamer, and we talked about Diablo II. Apparently, he is a bit more up to date on it than I am. It is still getting patched, and they are still adding new challenges.

Fast forward to today - I am at work and chatting off and on with a friend of mine that used to play Diablo II with me. Well it didn't take long to decide that we were going to install it TONIGHT and play.

We each took characters that we never really played as, and boy were we rusty. That said, we completed Act I. I imagine that there are several more nights of gaming ahead of us. I look forward to it.

If anyone here is interested in reviving Diablo II, shoot me a message. Maybe we can start a new little circle of gamers that "know each other" and help each other out.


Ron (not verified)
Diablo II

I've been looking for friends of mine to do this very thing, and I'm having no luck at all with it. That said, I'd love to put together a somewhat dedicated private server/game of Diablo II, because I forgot how awesome a game it was until I picked it up randomly a few months ago.

Michelle (not verified)
Ooh brilliant post, this is

Ooh brilliant post, this is firing up my need to get back to Diablo 2 also, what a fantastic game!

Anonymous (not verified)
Anyone remembering if there

Anyone remembering if there was any interview with anyone involved in the process of "making of diablo"?
I think ive read it somewhere but didnt bookmark...

Matt Barton
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I'll have to check, but I'm

I'll have to check, but I'm wondering if there might be something like that in the DIablo battle chest.


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