Matt Chat 51 with John Romero

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Here's the latest Matt Chat, this time with rockstar designer John Romero!

Also, be sure to check out this video response from Bill:

It already seems like distant history when we were in SF together doing these interviews. Man, I hope we get to do something like that again. It was so much fun, but of course it just flew past like a minute.


Chris Kennedy
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I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D in a computer store around the time of its release. It really was a lot different than anything I had played at the time, and it was highly addicting. Heh. Wolf3d is what made me start paying attention to EMS memory, XMS memory, conventional memory, and TSRs. You had to jump through a few things to get that thing to work if your computer didn't quite have its RAM configured correctly. Those were fun days. I actually played it with a PC Speaker for a little while before finally buying my first Sound Blaster. Creative Labs ruled back then. Ahh...nostalgia overload.

Thanks for the interview, Matt. I look forward to hearing more.

I was a pretty big fan of Wolf3D and Doom. I actually didn't like Quake, and my interest in FPS after that pretty much died out save for Team Fortress Classic in the Half Life days.

On the subject of your lead-in to the interview, I think it is necessary. You and Bill both take on responsibility of documenting the history of games, and assuming everyone knows who John Romero is (despite his reputation) before presenting a video is a bad idea. There are plenty of people that would prefer to skip ahead, but there are plenty others that are going to ask who John Romero is (not me...).

Anonymous (not verified)
Like the Interview and format

Thank you so much for this interview with John. I was really interested in knowing more about him and what he thought of the up-sides and the down-sides of his career. Also, I'm REALLY interested in knowing what he thought of Daikatana, in particular. Recently, I just finished that game after months and that game is truly an exercise in withstanding mental torture and virtual hardship. I'm not exaggerating here, it was unfair and unattractively green, green and sh---y green all over. I bet he even likes joking about it today.

Also, I really enjoyed your interviews with Al Lowe and Baer.

Also, will the whole thing (the unedited and uncut audio) be downloadable?

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