Help Armchair Arcade Create a New Custom Drupal Theme for Free Books, Fame, and Riches*

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Armchair Arcade's transition to its latest revision is almost - but not quite - complete. While we upgraded our server-side software and feature-set, one thing we're still missing is a killer design theme to really give us that Web 3.0 vibe (Web 2.0 is so 2009). If you know how to create killer Drupal themes or are an artistically inclined designer and would like to help, let us know via our Contact Us form. If we end up using your work, in return you'll get a copy of our books, Vintage Games, complete with an autographed bookmark, as well as an autographed and personalized copy of Wii Fitness for Dummies.

*Fame and riches not actually included with this offer, but you will have the books, our eternal thanks, and a nice mention on our About Us page.


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