Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition to Feature Audio Commentary

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The Secret of Monkey Island is my favorite game of all time for any platform. It is a bold statement, but it is true. We've seen a lot of news and product in the world of Monkey Island over this past year, and this latest bit of news concerning MI2:SI is exciting.

When SOMI was remade and released last year, the artwork and music were updated. In addition to this, the voice actors from the later games in the series were brought in to dub the original game. What put the word "special" in "Special Edition" was the fact that you could toggle between the old graphics and the new graphics to balance a need for updated art with that of nostalgia. That said, I believe that the original artwork to SOMI and MI2 still looks great.

The second entry in the franchise is getting a remake, and this time it has in-game audio commentary from the creators. Yes. That's right. In. Game. Commentary. Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman have provided commentary for an update to a classic adventure game, and it will be included in this summer's MI2 release on PC, X-box 360, Playstation 3, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Commentary? For an adventure game? What took so long? Why hasn't this been done before?

Sure, there are other games out there that have an audio commentary, but commentary fits adventure games like a glove! Call me greedy, but what about commentary for Maniac Mansion, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and about 50 more adventure games?

Adventure is the one genre where I come close to being able to name all of the creators or lead designers of each game I have played. Actors, directors, artists and musicians can get their name in lights, but game developers don't get the spotlight they deserve. Armchair Arcade certainly stands behind developers and feels that they do deserve more credit than they are given.

I am greatly looking forward to hearing these three guys talk about Monkey Island 2, and I hope it is the start of a new trend.


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I love Monkey Island but

I love Monkey Island but never got around to playing the 2nd one, believe it or not! I may finally take a chance when the iPhone version comes out.

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I played the original shortly after it came out

And for the most part it was a great game at the time. It was a bit more colorful and had more "scenario variety" than the first which was more of a classic pirate adventure albeit with a humorous spin.
However, when I think about the game the first thing that enters my mind is the "mind-blowing ending". I didn't like it at all and while I of course understood it I was really disappointed and felt like being cheated somehow. Many fans defend it with their teeth, of course, but IMHO it wasn't fitting at all and all successors didn't break the game immersion like it.
If the remake tries to really re-do the original game then be prepared for an "oh-so-funny-and-clever" ending...

take care,

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In-game commentary...Interesting. I wonder how it will work? Will it be context-based, triggered by actions in the game? Or just a separate file that runs in the background?

Mark Vergeer
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perhaps something like in Lost Coast?
Matt Barton wrote:

In-game commentary...Interesting. I wonder how it will work? Will it be context-based, triggered by actions in the game? Or just a separate file that runs in the background?

Perhaps it will be triggered by certain events in the game, much like in Lost Coast?


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