Anyone interested in these dirt cheap Chinese 7" Android Tablets?

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Here is a review from that

Here is a review from that page:

Terrible, terrible product. I thought I was getting a deal for $215 including shipping to the USA. Instead, I got a crippled Android 1.6 OS device that had no access to the Android Apps Market, the battery life is less than a single hour, the charger adapters isn’t the standard micro USB, the screen is non-responsive, it comes with almost no apps, the document is completely lacking, … and did I mention it only lasts for less than a single hour?!? To make matters worse, the distributor wanted to charge me a 30% restocking fee after I had to pay for shipping to return it to him! Avoid the this M001/Eken/Shanzhai tablet! IT IS A TOTAL DISASTER!!!

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Reviews with video

Another thing to note is the Android OS is out of date, though that is a very common problem with Android devices. There are still brand new phones being sold with last year's OS and no way to upgrade them.

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Get what you pay for, but it may be enough
Catatonic wrote:

I battery life is "UP TO 2 hours" how is that a good eReader?
The screen looks like junk too, if this is a real photo.

Naturally, it's not ideal, but at less than $100 inclusive (which is all I'll pay, and right now I'm targeting $75), it *might* be worth it. Actually, also, the ones I'm bidding on have double the memory (256MB) and increased battery life (3 hours+) from the specs listed in your link above.

Honestly, what I'd use it for mostly is to read/reference PDF's when I'm working on vintage systems, and to also give me some hands-on time with a tablet form factor to make sure I make the right decision features-wise when the time comes (which, blindly right now, would be a second generation iPad).

The screen does look AWFUL in that picture you linked to above. Not sure what the real world view is like though or if the model I'm bidding on has the same exact properties (it may be a slightly newer revision given the specs).

Joined: 05/20/2006
If battery life is "UP TO 2

If battery life is "UP TO 2 hours" how is that a good eReader?

The screen looks like junk too, if this is a real photo.

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