Tim Cain talks about Fallout 3, Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil, and his new MMO

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I've just posted the third and final installment of my interview with CRPG master Tim Cain. The subject line pretty much says it all.


srobinson (not verified)
Another great Matt chat. I

Another great Matt chat. I was unaware Mr Cain was working on an MMO, fingers crossed.

On an unrelated note, a gaming podcast, The Amorphous Blobcast has a new interview with Sid Meier. Thought some others here might be interested.

Matt Barton
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I agree. It worries me a bit

I agree. It worries me a bit that they're being so secretive about Tim's MMO. I'm guessing that some major things are still up in the air, OR perhaps they've got something so radical that they're afraid of it being stolen before they get their game out.

One critical thing I think for any new MMO (particularly if they want it to compete with WOW) is the single-player experience. It needs to be a very fun and satisfying game to play solo as well as with a group. Too many of these games rely too heavily on the social interaction to make the game fun. I realize that's kind of the point of an MMO, but that doesn't excuse a lackluster solo experience.

Conversely, Tim had talked about more social dynamics, which sounds quite interesting. It would be nice to have more passive ways to interact socially, sort of like they've worked out with Farmville and such. But I think Tim has more in mind specific ways to role-play your character, perhaps a lot more animations or ways to individualize your character.

Does anyone know of an MMO or such that will let you upload a picture of yourself and make a character model based on it?


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