Issue 43 of the Commodore Free magazine - June 2010, Now Available!

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The latest issue of the excellent Commodore Free magazine is now available in the usual .PDF, .txt, .seq, .d64, and .html formats. Get your copy in the format of your choice here! (contents listed below)



* Editorial
- Amiga/C64 Forever 2010.1 Released
- SIDIN Issue 13 Released
- WinUAE 2.2.0 Available
- PC World - Inside The Amiga 1000
- Vintage Computer Festival
- Cottonwood BBS Update
- RGB Video Update
- C64 - Archiv Updated To V3.2
- CBM-Command Special Release
- OpenSSL 1.0.0a for AmigaOS
- Amitopia TV 11th of July
- C64 Memories Frontend
- Silo 64 Game
- SEUCK Vault Update News
- WookieChat For Amiga OS Update
- ASCII -- PETSCII Converter
- 4GB CF IDE Hard Drive
- BASIC point
- UFE Floppy Drive Emulator
- A-Eon Rev.2 Nemo Motherboards
- AmigaOne X1000 Beta Test Update
- Not Another Sprite Editor V1
- Press Play On Tape
- "The Unofficial CMD Homepage"
* Interview with Trevor Dickinson
* Interview with Gregory Alekel



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Another reason to pull out my 64 or 128...

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