Soulgotha Reviews Vintage Games

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Donnie (aka Soulgotha) has just posted a very detailed and accurate review of our book Vintage Games. Check it out, and while you're there, be sure to subscribe to this man's channel. I've never been disappointed by any of his videos. He does a range of topics, not just videogames, though all of them are entertaining and worth watching (I especially love his rants, comedies, and magic tricks).

Be sure to mention you heard about him on Armchair Arcade!


Don (not verified)
The Maiden

Wow, one of my vids is on Armchair Arcade! That's pretty cool. As a little tribute to Matt I planned on wearing one of my old Iron Maiden shirts for the video, but I couldn't find 'em! I even went over to moms to see if they were stuffed in one of her closets. They must have gotten thrown in a duffel bag when I recently moved and have yet to be rediscovered. DANG!

Matt Barton
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Hehe...I'm running a bit low

Hehe...I'm running a bit low myself these days. I did just pick up Iron Maiden The Final Frontier Mission Edition, which apparently includes a game! I'm pretty psyched to try it out.


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