Matt Chat Featuring Darklands

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This week we head back in time to 15th century Germany, or the Holy Roman Empire to be precise. Arnold Hendrick's Darklands (1992, DOS) was a revolutionary game that offered an unprecedented level of historical realism. Experience what the 15th century felt like to the people who lived in it--and see their wildest fears and dreams made flesh! The combat is "real-time with pause," a style that would become quite popular with Baldur's Gate. Alchemy replaces magical spells, and a pantheon of Christian saints bestow their blessings on the pious. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!


Keith Burgun
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Joined: 09/06/2010
Best MattChat yet?

This was a really entertaining AND educational video, Matt! One of your best, yet! Me and my friend Blake launched several "LOLs" towards the screen. You're a funny guy. Also, it's fascinating to see how at one point in history, video game developers had "ambition", and tried to create games that allowed you to "role-play". One could even call them "computer Role - Playing Games". Imagine that!

Good stuff, keep up the great work.


Matt Barton
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Hehe, too true, Keith. I had

Hehe, too true, Keith. I had some doubts going into this one (the interface takes some getting used to), but my enthusiasm grew the more I played it. Once I had mastered the basics, it turned out to be a very fun game. It'd be nice to see something like this updated for modern PCs, though of course they'd probably turn it into another Oblivion or Dragon Age.

Tyler Long
Joined: 09/07/2010
Another great Matt Chat. Keep

Another great Matt Chat. Keep them coming, looking forward to the next. I may have to check out this game in the future and possibly get some games from GOG as well.

flabbyjack (not verified)
This was really great! I'll

This was really great! I'll be sure to use your link when I use Good Old Games! Unfortunately you can't buy Darklands from GoG.

Joined: 01/21/2009
One of my old favorites, I

One of my old favorites, I can remember how hard it was at the begining. I know after watching this I want to dig it out and play it again (and I just might if Minecraft addiction will let me). I must admit it was a really Strange Duck back then (as you mentioned) as it used the non standard setting that most (again as you mentioned) games did back then (rpg).

one comment, you truely do seem to enjoy doing these, and for me that make them that much more enjoyable to watch.

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