Interview with Scott Adams

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Hi, guys. This episode is the first installment of my interview with the great Scott Adams, designer and publisher of many early adventure games for home computers. He talks here about his early days as a child prodigy, programming computers and dazzling his teachers and professors with his amazing skills.


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Awesome!! I love Scott Adams

Awesome!! I love Scott Adams games. Every now and again I still work on my Scott Adams interpreter that plays TI99 story files. I have somewhere the original Byte articles he did showing is basic driver and game system (I think it was for Pirate Adventure).. so cool

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Great interview - I too am in

Great interview - I too am in an MMORPG guild that Scott's an honor to game with the man, the legend!


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Very enjoyable!

Wow, that was a great part I of the interview with Scott Adams - can't wait to hear and see the rest! Nice production work too - very well done.

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I used to work for Scott at AI

In my latter days of high school, and early adulthood, I worked for Scott at Adventure International. He is an all around great guy, and was a great boss. He bought me my first computer (TRS-80 Model I) and got me going on my career in programming. Been doing it now for almost 30 years. It was dream job, first working in the production department making tapes and disks of all the AI games in the back of the retail store. I eventually moved into marketing working with the authors, and doing QA work on the games. Many of the programmers and employees still keep in touch with each other. It truly was a family. What memories!

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Really great to see. Scott is

Really great to see. Scott is our much loved guild leader on a poular mmo.
He is a great guy and is always very available to all that might need him.
Great work Scott!!

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Scott is a great interview.

Scott is a great interview. Another great job! Do you know if Mr Adams has any tabletop RPG experience? I ask this because there seems to be a large crossover between video games, especially story based games, and table top rpgs. I just wonder because Mr. Adams seems to be in his 60's? He got into computers before table top rpgs hit. Anyway, great work.

As a side note, your ending quote, as soon as ya said "Irish writer", who else can one think of but James Joyce? Not saying there are no other important Irish writers, but James Joyce is THE IRISH writer.

Anyway, thanks Mr Barton. Keep delivering interesting interviews.

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Fantastic, fantastic

Fantastic, fantastic interview, with great stories! I did not know AI made games for the Exidy Sorcerer. It's so hard find commercial software for those! I wonder if he got the Atari ST confused partially with the Atari 8-bit? It seems like he merged the two. I agree with him to a degree about the TI-99/4 and later the 4a, though TI's ultimate issue was competing with Commodore on price. He had a minor hiccup too with confusing the /4 with the /4a in parts too. These guys have so many things to recall though, especially on the spot, that we can't ever fault them.

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I asked him if he played D&D,

I asked him if he played D&D, and he said he did not. However, they did play other board games.


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