Scott Adams Part III - Questprobe and More

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In the third and final segment, Scott Adams and I discuss his later games, which include the Questprobe series featuring Marvel super heroes. We also cover the graphical remakes of is earlier text adventures, and the problems those graphics caused for his tiny company. Inevitably, Adventure International was being crushed by much better funded, large scale projects from Sierra and Infocom.


Chip Hageman
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Thanks for doing all of these

Thanks for doing all of these great interviews Matt.. I've been grabbing the MP4 feeds from youtube and throwing them onto DVDs for quick viewing.

These video interviews are of heavy historic value and I'm really glad that you're willing to do all of the setup and coordination to make these possible.

Bill Loguidice
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Wonderful work, Matt. These

Wonderful work, Matt. These were my favorite Matt Chat's. Great subject and subject matter.

Matt Barton
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Thanks for the support, guys.

Thanks for the support, guys. It's good to hear some positive feedback, since that's the only reward I get for doing the program.

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Just saw this got mentioned

Just saw this got mentioned (yesterday) On BLUES NEWS... that should generate a few hits.

Must admit interviews with the old game designers is probebly my favorite thing you do.

Kurt Rein (not verified)
Scott Adams

Thanks for doing these interviews Matt. I grew up playing the Scott Adams games on my Vic-20 and Apple IIe, and loved them all. Even had the Questprobe comic. I was always curious how Scott felt about Infocom, so I'm glad you brought it up. I really enjoyed watching this and am going through the archives here on your site. You really know your stuff. Keep doing what you do!

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