Interview with Julian Gollop, X-Com Designer

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ApocalypseApocalypseEurogamer is running a great interview with Julian Gollop, best known for his work on X-Com (1994), also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown. You may remember my Matt Chat on it a few months back. The interview goes into detail about his past, which includes experience on the BBC Micro. A few revelations are that it did much better on the PlayStation than Gollop expected (he was very skeptical that it would work on a console) and the drama with Microprose over the graphics in Apocalypse.

Man, I bet he'd be a great guest on Matt Chat.


Markus (not verified)
Get him!

Julian Gollop and Chris Sawyer of Microprose fame back in the good old days are both awesome guests. For those who don't know who Chris Sawyer is he made one of the most fun transportation/business sims Transport Tycoon back in the day. Would love to see them interviewed.

Keith Burgun
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X-Com: UFO Defense

I consider X-Com: UFO Defense to be the greatest single player PC game ever created.

Ronnie Magnusson
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Aye I consider him one of the

Aye I consider him one of the greats of pc gaming as well. I've certainly spent more time playing his games when I should've been studying that I care to admit :P
ie "I don't need to study for a masters degree when theres more important things to do, like saving the world from an alien invasion!"

Something that might be interesting to note regarding your last quotation in the Rebecca Heineman interview. "Great programmers don't program for money or financial gain, but because programming is fun" or something like that, as originally said by Linus Torvalds.

Julian Gollop consider Linus to be one of the important "Internet heroes" of today, you might want to ask him about that if you interview Mr. Gollop :)

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