Episode 5: Mobile Gaming, Motion Gaming, Cheating, PlayStation, MMOs

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It's so bad!It's so bad!We're back again with a month's worth of audio content for retrogaming fans of all makes and models. Clocking in at two and a half hours, this episode features exclusive content from Bill Loguidice, Rob Daviau, Chris Kennedy, Matt Barton, Nathan Tolbert, Andre Faucher, Rebecca Tolbert, Max Shelton, and special guest Chip Hageman.

Download the episode here (128 K format).

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Chip Hageman reviews Crystal Hammer, Death Worm, Annihilation, and Armalyte (4:02)
  • Bill Loguidice's first in a series of segments on motion gaming (13:23)
  • Chris Kennedy discusses cheating techniques and ethics (22:21)
  • Mark Vergeer reminisces about the Sony PlayStation (55:01)
  • Rob Daviau talks handhelds and mobile gaming (1:03:29)
  • Matt, Nathan, Andre, Rebecca, and Max discuss the ins and outs of MMORPGs (1:24:09)

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Enjoy the show!

Links mentioned in Chip's Segment:


Bill Loguidice
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Thanks for the excellent

Thanks for the excellent constructive feedback, Redditor. One thing I will say is that we NEVER restrict length. We believe in making segments exactly as long as they need to be, or more specifically, as long as we believe they need to be. For instance, in my three part series on "motion gaming", this next episode, Episode 6, will probably be the longest of the three parts (it's part 2), but I've broken them up in that way only because that's how I felt the eras I wanted to discuss should go. Part 1 (episode 5): Theory, definitions, early history through NES; Part 2 (episode 6): Up to, but not including the Wii; and Part 3 (episode 7): The present motion gaming options and perhaps some speculation on the future. I certainly could have droned on for an hour in a single episode to do the topic justice, but I felt better about each part standing on its own. I feel it also gives the listener an easier time to digest everything, particularly with the format I chose to go with. I know the other guys put similar thought into their particular month's segment. On the flipside, we don't have to FORCE length either to meet a minimum amount of show minutes because we know that a certain number of the rest of the team also has segments of their own, so again, it really is all about what we deem best and is in no way restricted. Sometimes we'll guess wrong, but at least it's always with the best intentions - to put out the best product - not that we need to cut anything out artificially.


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