Episode 6: Collection Obsession, Motion Gaming, SSI Goldbox, Persuasive Games

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It's that time of the month again--Armchair Arcade Radio time, that is! Check out Episode 6, which features over 2 hours of retrogaming eggnog spiced with rum and boasting a nutty (as a fruitcake) aftertaste. This episode features exclusive content from Chip Hageman, Rob Daviau, Nathan Tolbert, Bill Loguidice, and yours truly, Matt Barton.

Click here for awesome.

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Chip's Picks: Steel Storm Ep. 1, Space Chunks, Rocky Memphis, and more (00:04:09)
  • Bill's Motion Gaming, continued: Sega Activator, XaviX XaviXPORT, and more (00:13:35)
  • Rob's Collection Obsession (00:40:07)
  • Nathan on the SSI Goldbox series (01:05:34)
  • Matt on Unit Operations and Persuasive Games by Ian Bogost (01:18:48)

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Enjoy the show!

Show notes:

Chip's Notes

Best of:
Steel Storm Ep.1: : http://www.steel-storm.com/content
Space Chunks 2 : http://www.crunchyfrog.com.au/spacechunks2
Rocky Memphis : http://rocky.ovine.net

New Reviews:
Knight 'n' Grail : http://www.binaryzone.org/retrostore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cP...
Dungeon Master R.T.C. : http://www.ragingmole.com/RTC
* Yes, I know I said Hall of Heroes... It's Hall of Champions. I'm just glad I didn't call it the Justice League. :-)

Honorable Mentions:
3D StarStrike : http://www.starstrike.urbaninteractive.net
7th Swarming of Machines : http://www.drpetter.se/project_swarm.html

Matt's Notes

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Redditor (not verified)
Nathaniel Tolbert wrote:

Yes, sorry about that. I was recovering from surgery and in quite a bit of pain...

There's nothing like putting your foot in your mouth just in time for breakfast, lol.
I was just joking and I'm sorry to hear about that. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Nathaniel Tolbert
Nathaniel Tolbert's picture
Joined: 11/06/2010
I'm fine now. The only

I'm fine now. The only reason I recorded at the computer was because the chair was more comfortable. It wasn't enough. But if I'm allowed to do a piece again in the future, I want to do a two way or more discussion about a classic game or system. I hear people like discussions on games or video systems, so I thought I would try that.

Matt Barton
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Kiss my ascii

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

Rob Daviau
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Joined: 05/19/2006

Double dumb-ass on you!

Joined: 10/07/2010
I haven't listened to it yet but

I know exactly what it feels like to have a collection obsession.
I been collecting games for years and at first it was because I always wanted to be able to come back to the good games that I had played and loved.
However it became more than that as I grew older because I found that I would buy games and never have the time to come back to them.
In the long run I found I found that I started to just collect games instead of playing them plus added to the fact that the big games are no longer Arcade games so it takes a lot longer to play them through either way.
Ah well my new years resolution is to stop collecting games and start playing them it'll also save on money.

Bill Loguidice
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Joined: 12/31/1969
I'm trying to come to terms

I'm trying to come to terms with my own collecting obsessions, msimplay. Rob's segment really spoke to me because this is something I've been thinking about quite a bit the past few years. I definitely need to start by thinning my collection of unnecessary duplicates (some duplicates are necessary) and broken - but still valuable to sell - items that I need to face facts I'll not be able to acquire the skills to restore in a reasonable amount of time. I'm NOT a fan of selling stuff, though, so this will be very difficult for me, but I'm starting to get swamped in redundancy. Even something straightforward - like selling my old ColecoVision 128-in-1 cartridge and replacing it with the SD card version - was kind of difficult for me. Same thing with selling my old Odyssey2 multi-cart and replacing it with the updated Odyssey2 multi-cart. I have this horrible nagging voice in my head to hoard, hoard, hoard, rather than be practical and look honestly at if there's really any point in having it. I'm by no means perfect, but this technological collecting bug is definitely my biggest (self identifiable) character flaw.

Joined: 10/07/2010
lol hoarding is probably one

lol hoarding is probably one of my biggest (self identifiable) charachter flaws too. It's got to the point where people say oh you like video games when they come into my room coz they are everywhere I goes yeah but i don't really play them as much these days.
They tell oh really you can't tell since you have so many it doesn't do you any favours with the girls either since they change their opinion about your maturity ... well sometimes anyway =P

Joined: 01/21/2009
We are products of the world

We are products of the world we live in. The idea of wealth and happiness has changed. From way back, food and shelter was all we needed, to a wife (or husband) some kids a job and home. To nowadays a car for every member of the family, a cell phone too, a TV in every room, and enough money so we can sit on our butts for 20-30 years after 60.

I put my video game hording down to my enjoyment of it as a kid. I never had enough money to have what i wanted so now that i can afford more I buy more, even if I don't play them. I do use the same reasoning. Someday I will play them. My PS2 RPG collection proves me wrong on that. I'm the guy who almost every type of game appeals too. Simple puzzle, complex RPG, slow turn based war-game, FPS, silly click fests (casual). About 2 years ago I got HORRIBLY addicted to those silly find the object games. the ones with a room full of CRAP and you had to find 20 objects in that room. I would finish one and find another, and if I couldn't I would try beat my times. I was concentrating so hard I was getting headaches (really!). I still love those game, but the headache problem has stopped me from playing them. Enjoying almost any game can be a real downfall when your choices are so plentiful and cheap. I was waiting for the UPS guy (they don't knock loud enough to hear so you I have to be in my living room when he arrives). I had a stack of 360 and PS3 games I have purchased in the lat 2 months on my coffee table (bachelor life has its perks, I can leave stuff on my coffee table... of course there are downside but wont go into those :) ) I had 30 some games sitting there. I ran though about 12 of them. Alpha Protocol, Jurassic Park the Hunted ( not to bad for a b game), Dynasty Warriors Strike Force, Toy Soldiers (360 download game , HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!) Avatar the game (dont judge me it was $5) and GI JOE the game (again $5).. Which do you think I played the most? GI JOE!! strange its sorta like the ARCADE game in some weird way (if you ever played that) you dont aim, your guy auto locks on, you just sorta avid the shots.. reminds me of a SHOOT UM UP but in a 3d world.. geez not sure how to describe. It got horrible reviews, but I had fun.

Anyways, I'm sure I will never play all the games i have. But unless room (or money) gets to be an issue, I don't care. Who knows maybe someday I will play um.. Lots worse things to collect.

Red(ditor) (not verified)
Rob, Your collection segment


Your collection segment really seems to have inspired some conversation!
I don't collect computer games, but I used to almost obsessively collect
guitar gear. There was a simplicity and joy to just sitting down and playing,
but collecting destroyed it. I got envious of other gear or if I had something
I liked, later something "better" would make me devalue it.

Has chasing games done similar to anyone? I'd like to hear about how
it changed your relationship with the actual games, if at all. I know once
my Steam list hit 30+ games it became almost impossible to just decide
on one to play and stick with, lol.


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Joined: 09/06/2010
my thoughts on ep 6

Now dont shoot me here ive been trying to avoid saying this but Matt's comment about posting on the fourms (which was at end of the podcast) made me do it, so here goes. I found the 1st and 3rd segments to be boaring in all my honesty.I always find Rob,Matt and Mark to bring up the more intresting and thought provokeing things which is what i really like about this podcast, the other guys *no offence* sounded like they was reading from a untweaked script and the sound clips i herd was boaring and waisted my time because i would of rather seen them with the actual original video attached to them, altho maybe im being harsh but for your medium to inprove then really i think that i should give you some suggestion so let me do just that, maybe you could try talking about the latest in videogame news because now their is alot of retro games being made such as the indie games maybe you could give your opinions on them to spout the disscussion or even your thoughts on movie game tie-in's and how about discussing the actual hardware in the machines themself, i know maybe you think im just purely complaining about the content but thats just not the thing also i feel Chip and Nathan are not up to the standard for podcasting due to their robotic way of speaking because i found them speaking too fast and unclear at times.I found Robs section to be true to my situation aswell so i found it cool to ponder on that and also matt brought up some verry interesting points too that we dont normally think about or realise so thank you for the really thought provokeing subjects indelved into that, please take what you can from this and use it positively.

Thank you

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