Episode 6: Collection Obsession, Motion Gaming, SSI Goldbox, Persuasive Games

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It's that time of the month again--Armchair Arcade Radio time, that is! Check out Episode 6, which features over 2 hours of retrogaming eggnog spiced with rum and boasting a nutty (as a fruitcake) aftertaste. This episode features exclusive content from Chip Hageman, Rob Daviau, Nathan Tolbert, Bill Loguidice, and yours truly, Matt Barton.

Click here for awesome.

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Chip's Picks: Steel Storm Ep. 1, Space Chunks, Rocky Memphis, and more (00:04:09)
  • Bill's Motion Gaming, continued: Sega Activator, XaviX XaviXPORT, and more (00:13:35)
  • Rob's Collection Obsession (00:40:07)
  • Nathan on the SSI Goldbox series (01:05:34)
  • Matt on Unit Operations and Persuasive Games by Ian Bogost (01:18:48)

As always, we'd really appreciate any feedback you have to offer on the episode. You can leave comments here, email us, or review the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe to our RSS Feed.

We'd also really appreciate anything you can do to help spread the word about our podcast. Don't be a lamer. Post about us on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever dens of iniquity in which you lurk.

Enjoy the show!

Show notes:

Chip's Notes

Best of:
Steel Storm Ep.1: : http://www.steel-storm.com/content
Space Chunks 2 : http://www.crunchyfrog.com.au/spacechunks2
Rocky Memphis : http://rocky.ovine.net

New Reviews:
Knight 'n' Grail : http://www.binaryzone.org/retrostore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cP...
Dungeon Master R.T.C. : http://www.ragingmole.com/RTC
* Yes, I know I said Hall of Heroes... It's Hall of Champions. I'm just glad I didn't call it the Justice League. :-)

Honorable Mentions:
3D StarStrike : http://www.starstrike.urbaninteractive.net
7th Swarming of Machines : http://www.drpetter.se/project_swarm.html

Matt's Notes

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Red (not verified)
The Standard
sin_1987 wrote:

maybe you could give your opinions on ... movie game tie-in's

You know what they say, if you're gonna be a troll at least be a funny one, lol.

> Chip and Nathan are not up to the standard for podcasting due to their robotic way of speaking

"The Standard", lol! Can you please rename the podcast to "The Standard"? Thats hilarious.
Anyway, it's not even remotely true. Chip is pretty natural sounding. Nathan
sounded a bit uncomfortable, but as he points out - he was recovering from surgery!

> the other guys *no offence* sounded like they was reading from a untweaked script

Sometimes you can tell an essay is being written and it sounds a /little/ bit flat,
but I'd rather have someone come with a well prepared and informative segment
then have someone just wing it.

> dont shoot me

I would if I could, lol.

sin_1987's picture
Joined: 09/06/2010
People have differnt opinions

People have differnt opinions its just i have kinda a harsh one and that is why i disslike talking on the fourms incase i get people who like yourself try and make me sound like im a troll when indeed i love the show.

Nathaniel Tolbert
Nathaniel Tolbert's picture
Joined: 11/06/2010
No offense taken

No offense taken to sounding mechanical. Yes I did have a lot of information in front of me at the time, and it was difficult to sit still due to the surgery I had just had not even a week before hand. I do a podcast with two other friends pretty much every two weeks and I haven't been called mechanical before. That's a new one for me. :) I'll take it as a compliment, because to take it as anything else would denigrate the show and the quality of the people whom contribute. Do I think I can do better? Hell yes I can do better, and now that I'm not pretty much incapacitated, I intend to work harder for the next chance to post more material. If you want to hear me extremely animated and talking in a normal style fashion, go over to Gamershavenpodcast.com and have a listen to one of our live game feeds or one of our shows there. We aren't pros and we don't try to be, but we do try to have a good time. And I intend to have a good time with the next piece I want to record, which would be over a specific genre of games, and I would see if I could force some of my friends to sit down and talk with me, as that always is more comfortable than talking by yourself into the microphone. I just hope it's good enough to make the cut.

Red (not verified)
Rob likes drama
sin_1987 wrote:

...when indeed i love the show.

Sorry about that, Sin. I guess I misinterpreted you.

When you tell someone that their segment was "boaring[sic]" and "waisted[sic] your time",
it's easy to think you are being mean on purpose. These guys work hard on the show,
so it might be more polite to use respectful words to get your opinion across.

I like the addition of Chip's segment. At first I had doubts about it being the intro segment,
but I warmed up to it as the intro in this episode. The sound fx and music flow well with
the energetic podcast opening.

Bill Loguidice
Bill Loguidice's picture
Joined: 12/31/1969
sin_1987 wrote:

People have differnt opinions its just i have kinda a harsh one and that is why i disslike talking on the fourms incase i get people who like yourself try and make me sound like im a troll when indeed i love the show.

The feedback is appreciated. We've always said we don't mind even harsh criticism as long as it's constructive. In my opinion, your feedback was both honest and constructive, so thank you. Keep it up.

With that said, with six episodes under our respective belts - and some of us on the team with far fewer episodes - we're still getting our sea legs. Some of us - such as myself - will likely have few unscripted segments (I think I only have one or two out of the six), so the reading will have to improve. I believe my reading has improved, but I also know there is a LONG way to go before it's up to the reading standard of some of the other podcasts out there, like say, Skeptoid or Money Girl, and may never quite reach that level. Again, it's something of a kludge because we hope you'd always listen to the WHOLE episode, but the time codes are there for a reason. If you're not digging a segment in one particular month, it's easy enough to move onto the next one. That's also important because some listeners are VERY particular about the subjects that they're exposed to. Some don't want to hear about anything that they're not interested. For instance, Christina will likely be focused exclusively on things like family gaming, fitness gaming and casual gaming, which is all in her wheelhouse. Some will appreciate that perspective, some just want to hear about hardcore vintage gaming. That's why that segment listing is so important. Regardless, this is Armchair Arcade in audio format, so you'll get all kinds of content and styles.

As long as we nail a couple of segments a month for each individual listener - in whatever combination that turns out to be - I think we've accomplished our goal - and hopefully we get them to enjoy a bonus segment or two that might surprise them along the way.

Rob Daviau
Rob Daviau's picture
Joined: 05/19/2006
Something for everyone.

Well that is what I like about this and many other podcasts. Something for everyone, I listen t the full podcast each month and I am sure like most people there are going to be topics and speakers I enjoy more than others but this show is about variety. We might not all come up with a monthly segment that speaks to everyone but I think as the show continues each of us will have something different to offer the listeners. I appreciate if my segment reached some of you, to be honest like most of my segments the subject just pretty much pops into my head and then the first chance I get I just start rambling pretty much off the top of my head, I enjoyed drama in school (the class not any other kind of "drama" ) as well I have done Karoake and public speaking so this likely is why I tend to come off pretty casual and natural sounding. Hang with us though and I am sure over time you will find all of us has our strong points and topics of interest. Personally, I feel what I lack in knowledge or professionalism I make up for in enthusiasm. I wish I had half the knowledge, memory or professionalism of Matt or Bill as I think I very well might of put my other qualities to much better use in life. I guess I am saying, I think we all compliment each other really well which gives the podcast variety.

Mark Vergeer
Mark Vergeer's picture
Joined: 01/16/2006
Well done guys!

It was a good listen. Thank you guys it was a treat listening to this month's podcast. And Matt didn't you know I actually own a Tardis? It is just a model and a tad too small to actually enter tough.

Chip Hageman
Chip Hageman's picture
Joined: 10/06/2010
You've got to remember the

You've got to remember the relative dimensions, Mark. All you need is a matter funnel and a bag of jelly babies. :-)

Matt Barton
Matt Barton's picture
Joined: 01/16/2006
Agreed. It's a simple matter

Agreed. It's a simple matter of taking a few seconds to study the detailed description of the episode, check off the segments you want to listen to, and adjust your player accordingly. Several of my favorite podcasts have segments I don't particularly enjoy, but I know some people do (otherwise they wouldn't have them), so I just skip through them. One that comes to mind is the "Science or Fiction" segment in the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. I don't so much mind the concept, but it bores me silly hearing EVERY contestant repeat ALL the questions, go through the reasons, over and over--makes for a lot of repetition. Fortunately, it's usually at the end of the show, so I can just quit listening there if I'm too lazy to skip it.

Bill makes a great point too about our sea legs (I'd never heard that wheelhouse phrase before; interesting). It seems that several of the top podcasters were formerly (or still are) professional radio hosts. I assume they either received training or were at least exposed to professionals and learned how to speak to the style. You can really hear this with all of the various NPR hosts--you can always tell when it's an NPR type because they all have that same flat tone; really almost an accent. There's a pretty funny Jim Carey movie where he's trying to imitate Walter Cronkite (Bruce Almighty).

Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if there is any software out there to help people develop a "radio voice," similar to what's done for foreign languages and such. Is that even possible?

Trenton Schulz (not verified)
Some missing items from the motion gaming section


Nice podcast, I especially liked Matt's reviews of the gaming books.

I think you missed a couple items about motion gaming with the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast had a fishing rod controller that had an accelerometer. Of course, this worked great with the Sega Bass Fishing and Marine Fishing games, but the accelerometer also worked with games like Soulcalibur, VirtuaTennis, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. I'm not sure if you could go toe-to-toe with someone using a controller, but I have tried it and can say that it does work. I did find the lack of left handed tennis players in VirtuaTennis a bit annoying though.

There's also Samba De Amigo, with it's maraca controllers that required you to hold the used sound waves to determine where you held them. Having two sets of maracas and playing two player was (is) great.

One more thing, the Dreamcast did have its own dancemat and dancing games as well, but a couple of non-dance games worked with it two. Space Channel 5, a groovy Simon says type game, also worked with the dancemat, though it was a bit difficult to play well with it.

Anyway, I just felt that the Dreamcast deserves some sort of mention in your annals of motion gaming. Keep up the good work.

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