Razer's Motion Controllers and Exclusive Portal 2 Levels

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Razer Hydra MotionRazer Hydra MotionI was reading on Gamasutra that Razer, the company famous for its gaming mice and keyboards (and recently in the news for its upcoming Switchblade Mobile PC Gaming PC) has announced that the upcoming Portal 2 game from Valve--pretty much a must play for anyone serious about PC gaming--will feature exclusive levels designed especially for its Hydra Motion Contoller. I must say, I'm really impressed with Razer's lately. They seem to be doing a lot more innovating on the PC platform than anyone else these days. See below for a demo video.


Bill Loguidice
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I bet that will go over like

I bet that will go over like a ton of bricks with the PC gamer community who were really hoping for an alternative to mouse/keyboard...

Matt Barton
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Definitely. I'm more excited

Definitely. I'm more excited (as usual) about the *new* kinds of games it might open up. Assuming the adoption rate is satisfactory, I bet the indie devs will go nuts over it.

On a darker note, I wonder if this will enable a lot of piracy/emulation of motion games for consoles like the Wii?

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Medal of Honor on the Wii

Medal of Honor on the Wii plays something like that, you actually aim with teh Wii wand and such. I found it one of the better games on the Wii becuase of the controler. I even spent the time to hack the Wii wand into the pc with the many tutorials on the web. Its very fun (again this is a bit more complex but the same idea). For me the old school FPS person like me it will never be comfortble, but the newer younger crowd who have grown up with consoles and gamepads may like it. The more mostion control gets used the more 2nd nature it will become.

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