ZX Spectrum to be Officially Relaunched in Honor of its 30th Anniversary in 2012!

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Mock-up of ZX Spectrum Re-releaseMock-up of ZX Spectrum Re-releaseWell, this is great news for fans of retro computers. One of the most prolific original developers for the ZX Spectrum back in the day, Elite, will be reissuing the platform in honor of its 30th anniversary in 2012. Though little known outside of Europe, the ZX Spectrum was one of the most popular computers of the 1980s in the UK, rivaling the worldwide sales leader, the Commodore 64, for overall popularity. While there are few details about what form the new iteration of the computer will take - some say it will essentially just be a bluetooth keyboard for use with emulators - it's still a fascinating experiment in nostalgia, one we hope is successful so additional platforms might follow suit. If you're curious to learn more about the ZX Spectrum, our own Mark Vergeer has recently posted some videos (here and here) for your enjoyment.


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Nous wrote:

Well the press release arrived today, an to be honest we feel a little deflated here at RF towers. Looks like the 'new' spectrum is in reality going to be, initially, Jet Set Willy running on an iPhone/iPad connected to a TV via an appropriate TV out cable from Apple. In the future, Spectrum games from Elite will be compatible with a bluetooth keyboard.

In our view, would it not be easier to book up a Spectrum emulator in your Laptop and output it to your TV via a common, cheap VGA cable. Or are we missing the point?

I don't think you're missing the point. With a custom BT keyboard and the appropriate program, regardless of device, THEN it gets interesting, otherwise this is the usual emulator-on-the-iPhone, which has already been done plenty of times to no longer hold any particular excitement...


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