Three for the Road: March 27th, 2011

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Three for the Road[ MAR . 27 . 2011 ]

Three for the Road: 03.27.2011

Greetings folks! Welcome to the March 27th, 2011 edition of Three for the Road.

This week we take a look at a retro style platform game where you try to save the dinosaurs from extinction.. a shoot'em up where music plays an integral role in the gameplay.. and a recent scene re-release for the venerable Commodore 64.

Dino Run SE is the commercially offered downloadable release of PixelJam's web classic Dino Run. Now, I know I normally don't promote commercial content, but this game is really worth it in my opinion... and it will only set you back $3 [USD].

In Dino Run SE you play as a raptor who's trying to outrun the pyroclastic wall created by the impact of a large asteroid (i.e. the extinction event). At it's core, the game is an old school platformer where you have to run, jump and eat your way to the end of each level.. all while avoiding the coming apocalypse which is racing along just behind you. Classic aesthetics such as blocky pixel graphics and overly bright color pallets are masterfully mixed with spot on game play to produce a truly enjoyable retro gaming experience.

Some of the standout features of Dino Run SE

  • Downloadable executables for Linux, Win32 and Mac.
  • Faster execution than web version.
  • New speedruns.
  • New multiplayer maps.
  • New multiplayer server (only for SE users)
  • New game mode: Planet D.
  • Full soundtrack included with each purchase.

SHMUSICUP (Shoot Music Up) is an upcoming music/rhythm based shooter being produced by Tzai Entertainment. Again, this is a Flash based game which is being released online and as a stand alone executable. The main idea here is that the soundtrack for the game is provided by you.. or more specifically, your MP3 files. The shooter then takes those MP3 files and uses them to change the in-game intensity and barrage patterns based on the tempo of the music.

Recently, the game has gone into beta and they're working hard on refining gameplay and tackling bug fixes to get the game ready for it's commercial release... But fear not, there are still a plethora of game modes, levels, power-ups and achievements (around 40 so far) to keep you coming back for more.

Check it out here where you can sample the game using any of the built-in songs or by providing your own MP3's (it plays the music locally.. it doesn't upload it).

For a more in depth review of this game, be sure to check my website.

I just wanted to pass along a quick update that the Commodore 64 scene group Nostalgia has just released their latest cracked, trained and PAL/NTSC fixed masterpiece: Congo Bongo.

Just from a software preservation standpoint; I think it's great that we have groups doing certified 100% cracks and full PAL/NTSC region fixing for these old titles.. This release has also been patched to work with the IDE64 hardware if you're lucky enough to have that.