The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (Frozenbyte) - Another Amazing Deal for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Gamers!

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Just like we talked about the last two "Humble Bundles", we couldn't help but mention this latest one. Pay what you want for three awesome DRM-free games on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux: Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, and Shadowgrounds. Additionally, your Frozenbyte bundle includes a preorder for Splot and a prototype with source code for Jack Claw. Choose to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play Charity at the same time. Check it out here!


Rowdy Rob
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These look cool!

Thanks for this info, Bill!

I bought the previous Humble Bundle, but admit I haven't played the games much. They were fun for a while, but really weren't generally up my alley.

THESE games, though, are much more appealing to me! I already puchased "Trine," and I can vouch for it as a fun, high-quality action puzzle/platformer. But the others shown here look like great games as well!

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Well as a avid supporter of

Well as a avid supporter of Shadowgrounds a suprise game for me. I had never heard of it but its quite fun (I picked it up on steam a few years ago on a sale). Think of it as Guantlet with guns, or for you old Amiga people Alien Breed, but updated.

Trine is an updated Gobliiins, or Lost Vikings, 3 characters that can do specific things, you can swap to any one at any time and complete levels. Its fantastic looking and playes quite well on the PC. Personally I found it a bit on the hard side, a little to finkie on perfect jumping and timing, but what platformer isnt... the real problem is my motor skills are no where near as fast as they once where.

One thing i noticed.. you can really see where indie gaming is going. You look at the early games, and they are all lighing effects, physics and quite detailed.. and the last game they are makng is simple looking.... wonder if somebody is thinking of cross platform sales :) cant blame, I do believe its where the money is nowdays.

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Another awesome indie game bundle! Thanks for the heads up!


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