Two New Upcoming Books from the Armchair Arcade Team

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Now that both of our upcoming books have official Amazon listings, I can finally give more details. The first book, due out July 2011, is from Dan Gookin and me, and is titled, Motorola ATRIX For Dummies. It's a full color book that covers all the ins and outs of Motorola's amazing new Android smartphone that, among other things, can turn into a laptop and HD multimedia entertainment center. The second book is due out October 2011 and is from Christina Loguidice and me, and is titled, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox Live. It's a full color book that covers everything Xbox 360, with a particular focus on the non-game features of the platform. As each book releases, we'll of course have more details. We'll also let you know once the covers are finalized, which is why you presently see a placeholder on each of the Amazon product pages. [05/05/2011 Update: There's now a cover image for My Xbox!]



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Congratulations, of course, to Bill, Christina, and Dan. Tough work now and in the near future, but you know how rewarding it can be in the end when it all comes together.

Bill Loguidice
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Thanks, Chris, yeah, it's a

Thanks, Chris, yeah, it's a crushing amount of work (it's easy to forget when it's been a while since the last book), but the end result is rewarding. What's different with these books versus past books is that there are lots of images with callouts and cropping, so that's an additional layer of work added into the mix.


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