Matt Chats with Jeff Williams of Darkstar

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This week, I'm chatting with Jeff Williams of Parallax Studios, the one-man band behind the epic graphical adventure Darkstar: The Interactive Movie. Jeff is a colorful and witty guy, with lots of fascinating insights and opinions about movies, games, and much more. Would a young George Lucas be able to get Star Wars passed the bean counters today? How about Spielberg's Jaws?

Download the mp4 here.


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Thank you for another great

Thank you for another great interview.

Rowdy Rob
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Great episode! Some FMV thoughts...

How you keep coming up with these winning interviews, I don't know, but well-done again, Matt.

After viewing this interview, of course I wanted to check this game out. Mr. Williams' "gaming outsider" viewpoint was very interesting. In fact, a long time ago we were discussing the appeal of "Myst" here on AA, and it was proposed (by me, I think) that perhaps Myst was a "non-gamer's game." It seems his viewpoint coincided with that "appealing to non-gamers" concept.

While many companies started running away from the FMV style, he embraced it whole-heartedly, and has apparently taken it to the next level! I am curious what the results are.

This is one game that seems to require a physical disc, though. I can't imagine how long a digital download would take!

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