5 for $5 Games Bundle for PC and All Proceeds Go Straight to the Indie Developers

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Not quite a Humble Bundle, but still pretty neat for PC gaming fans, the 5 for $5 Bundle has no DRM and all of the proceeds go directly to the developers. Each of the five games is a very nifty looking genre mashup of some sort and includes Delve Deeper, Spring Up Harmony, Mactabilis, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, and Digitanks. Check out the video below, and be sure to visit the Website to purchase:


Matt Barton
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Wow. This is a very smart

Wow. This is a very smart strategy for indie developers to be following! I'm somewhat surprised they went for such a low price point, though. I think it'd be better to do a $20 for something like this; surely nobody would object to paying $20 for 5 good indie games. I could see this concept expanding to something like they do for cheap DVD movies; so you get 100 movies for $20 and so on. Nobody might ever buy any of the movies individually, but in a pack everybody gets a little something. Nice, nice, nice.

Rob Daviau
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This is great...

Thanks for mentioning this Bill, right after this post I will be off to buy!
I really think the Humble Bundle concept has started these great package deals and they are a great idea! Sure it may not be a lot but it is something and better than nothing for games that might instead be overlooked or worse pirated in these tough times. I have owned up in the past against popular opinion on my own activities but even I am happy to support and spread the word on deals like these.

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I quite enjoyed Steel Storm,

I quite enjoyed Steel Storm, nothing new, but fun shoot um up.. I found the difficulty ramped a bit on the brutal side, but i liked it alot..

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