A-VCS-tec Challenge Released for the Atari 2600 VCS

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Screenshot from A-VCS-tec Challenge (Atari 2600 VCS)Screenshot from A-VCS-tec Challenge (Atari 2600 VCS)The Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS) homebrew author of Mental Kombat, Simon Quernhorst, has just released A-VCS-tec Challenge, a conversion of Paul Norman's (of Cosmi and Forbidden Forest fame) classic Aztec Challenge for the Commodore 64 (C-64). A-VCS-tec Challenge features an updated modification of the first two levels from the original Norman game and music by the talented Paul Slocum, who really knows how to push the Atari 2600's sound hardware.

Sadly, the 50 copy run of the limited boxed edition with tons of extras is a bit out of my price range (thank you, Euro conversion rates!), but if you're interested, ordering begins promptly on July 1st. I guess I'll be looking out for regular editions available from US sellers. In any case, read all about the fascinating details here.


Matt Barton
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One of my favorites--Aztec Challenge

Ah! Aztec Challenge. I always loved this game. However, I didn't ascertain if this version includes the other levels--the two running through the pyramind levels, the pirahna level, or the great bridge jumping sequence at the end. I'd be surprised if he was able to pull all those off!

I was stunned to see pics of Nolan Bushnell and Ralph Baer playing his game! He must really be well-connected! And Paul Norman even saw his demo cart (what, does he live next door?) and partnered up with him.

Bill Loguidice
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It's only the first two

It's only the first two levels. He was originally only doing the first level, the gauntlet one, but had room after doing different variations with the first one. As an 8K game, it's actually a much lower K value than many homebrews, that go into 16K, 32K and beyond.

The homebrew scene for the 2600 is the best anywhere. Truly.

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