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Rowdy Rob
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Thanks, Clok...

I eagerly downloaded and installed "Ultima IV," booted it up, and discovered I have long forgotten how to play Ultima! I greatly enjoyed Ultima 2, as well as a freeware Amiga clone that I've forgotten the name of, and looked forward to more high-speed CRPG-ing that the Ultima games seem uniquely adept at.

Well, the graphics are certainly dated, but what threw me off was the dated interface! It took me a while to figure out what keys to press. Heck, I still don't know what I'm doing.

I hear that there's this legendary thing called an "instruction manual." It's a primitive concept, but perhaps I should look into the old, arcane ways. :-)

The "higher purpose" setting and goals seems a bit odd at first, making me wonder if this game will be a bit "preachy."

Anyhow, I'm giving it a whirl. Thanks for the heads up.

Shawn Delahunty
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WOOT! Thanks Clok

Thanks for posting this! I have one of the old "Ultima Collection" DVDs already, but it didn't come with the Player's Guide, Cheat Book, and so forth. Definitely grabbed this version for the collection.



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