Matt Chat 116: Chris Taylor taks about Dungeon Siege and Total Annihilation

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This is the second part of my interview with the IZZE-fueled Chris Taylor, this time talking about his two greatest achievements: Dungeon Siege and Total Annihilation. I love both of these games, even though Chris seems to find some flaws (especially with Dungeon Siege). At any rate, it's great viewing. Chris also disagrees with me about game lengths; he thinks games should a lot shorter (a position I've lately come to accept myself).

Download the MP4.


Mark Vergeer
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Again a wonderful episode Matt

Matt you are as always doing a great job with the Matt chat. I didn't know about Chris Taylor and what games he worked on in the past but I feel I should have.

For some reason the names of many of the programmers of the games back in the day went under the radar and they remain unsong heroes! At least for me and quite a few others, your Matt chat changes that!

marshall (not verified)

YOu should do daggerfall!

best elder scrolls in my opintion

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