Remarkable Auctions: 09/21/2011 Mixed Bag

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DinoPark Tycoon (3DO)DinoPark Tycoon (3DO)This time I look at recently closed auctions for Dot Gobbler (OEM, 1983, C-64), a Fairchild VES (1976) setup, and DinoPark Tycoon (MECC, 1994, 3DO).

  • Dot Gobbler (OEM, 1983, C-64): Sold for $124.49 plus shipping and handling. Though the auction says for the Vic-20 as well, I've seen no evidence of this also working on the Vic-20, and no reason to think that it might. All indications seem to point to this being a mediocre Pac-Man knock-off, so its true value is no doubt its rarity.
  • Fairchild VES (1976) setup: Sold for $271.00 plus shipping and handling. For whatever reason, Fairchild Video Entertainment Systems (VES), later known as Fairchild Channel F and then later released by Zircon as the Fairchild Channel F System II in a redesign, have been slowly creeping up in value over the past year or so. While I admire it as the first recognizable programmable videogame system and there have been some interesting homebrew cartridges (by the same person) in recent years, I'm at a loss to explain the sudden revival in interest in what has always been a system that has received a rather lukewarm reception, despite its historical significance. Maybe that's changing.
  • DinoPark Tycoon (MECC, 1994, 3DO): Sold for $640.00 plus shipping and handling. I'm blown away by this one. While I have a large 3DO collection, I'm not as well versed in the relative rarity of certain titles, DinoPark Tycoon included. The 3DO was always lambasted for focusing too much on edutainment products so I'm a bit surprised at the interest in this one, though, despite appearances and who developed it, this title definitely errs more on the game side of the equation. As with Dot Gobbler above, I guess rarity trumps all else.


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Holy cow, $271 for a Channel

Holy cow, $271 for a Channel F. I got mine thrown in for free after closing a deal on a large atari lot. Maybe I should cash in.

Also, DinoPark Tycoon was made by MECC, the same people who did Oregon Trail. I bet that accounts for some of the interest. I'm kind of curious myself now. Good thing 3DOs take CDRs.

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