Matt Chat 117: Supreme Commander & More with Chris Taylor

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Lots of great stuff in this last segment of my interview with Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor. Here we start getting into some stuff that really disappointed Chris, as he struggled to achieve quality despite pressure from publishers. He also talks about how important it is not to bite off more than you can chew (Space Siege), and why he thinks consoles are the future of RTS. He's very candid throughout, and you definitely don't want to miss the ending when he talks about striking the right balance between pleasing gamers (with modding tools) and publishers (with profitability).

Note: I encourage you to watch the downloadable version this time. YouTube is screwing me with their algorithms again, this time providing advertising for Square Enix at my expense. I'll post it here nonetheless. Last time I ever use clips from one of their stupid game trailers.

Download the video here.


Rand (not verified)
That was great, he really is

That was great, he really is animated but he comes across as remarkably open and forthright with his thoughts. Very unfiltered genuine discussion.

Matt Barton
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Yeah, he seems to be that way

Yeah, he seems to be that way in real life (not a show). You can see him getting really silly on his video blogs, too--a real hoot to watch.

It's a shame Dungeon Siege 3 didn't turn out as well as he'd hoped. I get the impression that publishers are becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to giving guys like Chris sufficient time and resources to do games right. They just want to turn a quick buck and to hell with everything else.

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Just watched the third part...

...and it was really good.

He seems like a very likable and nice guy.

Thanks for doing the interviews.


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