E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

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today only STEAM has E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy on sale for $9 personally i think its one impressive game for not being done by big name people. This is one of the most complex FPS ever, its all the things Dues Ex should be, now with that said the new Dues eX is a more polished game.. but EYE is a blast.. it can be overwhelming in the ammount of options you have. Its got alot of ways yo build your character. I mention this game to anybody who will listen as its one of those titles that should have more of a following. But FPS (opinion) not so much skill but quick reflexes, this game is about a whole lot more so the MoH, CoD, MW crowd will find it "hard" its just not point and shoot.

Its a very wierd mix of cyber punk, swords and implants. It doesnt make alot of sence story wise, but its very deep when it comes to makeing your character. You have os many opeions.. Straight fire fight, mind control and make um kill each other, stealth in and hand to hand, hck the turrent and let it do the work..

If i had to say anything bad it would be its a bit overwhelming in options , its HARD, I dont like the hacking, and its 'almost" so wierd its off putting.. but not quite.. I would take a look, the Steam page has a good vidoe on it all the differnt ways to do one mission..

one i will recomend if you like HARD, many option game.. one last thing its made for multiplayer so the single player is (say it again) hard...

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That does sound intriguing!

That does sound intriguing!

I'm so overloaded with new games ATM it's sad. It doesn't help when you get sucked into M&M 6 and end up spending all day playing it. :)

I have Skyrim in the mail and have Batman waiting impatiently. If I weren't so overloaded I'd order the new MW just for kicks, but just no time for another game right now.


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