7000 Club Nintendo stars = SNES classic controller for Wii

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Just cashed in my club nintendo stars for this (all 7000 of them). Its a replica SNES controller for using with virtual console games - it plugs into the remote for wireless authentic SNES gaming :).

Am going through Super Mario World wth it and I'm falling in love with this title again - I'm also realising I've lost a bit of my mojo re platforming skills - I don't remember it being this hard. I found it a real challenge getting through the Vanilla Dome and I'm now backtracking looking for the switch palaces before continuing.....Its been so long since I played this that I'm having fun rediscovering many of the secrets I have forgotten. What a gem of a game - its one thing to talk about how good an old game is but with this one being held in such esteem it is still a great surprise to go back after all these years and still enjoy it.


Bill Loguidice
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I'm not the biggest Nintendo

I'm not the biggest Nintendo fan, but they do do good with the rewards stuff. I got the pin badge collection last week for being a Platinum member: https://club.nintendo.com/2011-elite-gift.do . I also of course got the free GBA games for being one of the suckers paying full price for the 3DS. All-in-all a good couple of weeks of freebies.


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