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Matt Barton
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Any Garageband junkies out there? I've been messing with it HARDCORE lately trying to figure it all out. I got a USB controller keyboard thing for Christmas (M-Audio Oxygen). Love the unit, but the software support bites and it took all morning to get the buttons working. At any rate, considering how frustrated I've been, I was amazed at the little piece of music I composed to celebrate. :)

I can't seem to fit it into my game anywhere, so I'll just attach it here for your personal enjoyment.


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Actually, that's one music

Actually, that's one music program I must try. Cheers for reminding me :D

At the moment, I use these programs mainly; Frootyloops 8 & Audacity.

However, all my music is off beat & kinda weird.. Heh.

(I also did the clay-mation, which one day I'd like to get back into.)

Matt, that song was awesome! Keep it up!


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