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C64? VIC 20? COLECO ADAM? Ti99? CoCo? PERHAPS AN ACORN? ARCHIMEDES? SINCLAIR? 286? PENTIUM? APPLE IIe? MAC? Well whatever you considered your fist computer chime in with a comment or better yet a video response (on the old YOUTUBES!) and let us know what it was, did you like it? Was it what you wanted or asked for? Was it everything you hoped it would be? This is an open tag so please participate! Thanks for sharing.



Shawn Delahunty
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Curious about demographics of the answers.

Hey Rob, great question here.

I'm wondering what other factors, besides age, will correlate to the various machines. What part of the world were the people in? What were the relative costs of the machines vs. competitors? What did their friends get/have?

My info:

-VIC-20, Christmas 1982.
-Did NOT expect it at all (we were pretty broke.)
-Was used to Trash80's and Apple][e at school.
-I suspect it was the fact that the C-64 was introduced, and there was a huge price-slash on the VIC's at that time, which drove my parents to get it.
-NorthEastern US
-Way, WAY more than I ever hoped. Disappeared into the machine for, well... I'm not even sure how long. Part of me might still be in there.

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ah the good old days. I had

ah the good old days. I had saved up for a PC for a long time- heck 2 years is forever at that age (was never going ot get one, but at 13 the word "never" was not one i understood) my freinds dad had a XT and I was going to have one.. I think his was in the $4-6000 range at the time.. Then the atarti 400 came out.. realisticly i could get one. I had enouhg money! i could get one! i did some research and decided it was worth a look (up ot that point I had worked on TSR-80's and the XT my friends dad had). The only place ot get one was 100 miles away luckly my grandfather owned a implement and made weekly trips to the town. I sent the money with him and waited. he came back with nothing ( he didnt have time) My grandpa had little sympathy for a "foolish" wastes of money.. to this day I'm not sure if he was trying to save me money or was just to busy.. (strange as it sounds, he had little love for computer but he made boatloads with IBM stock, he still has a few ( yes actuall certificates) and i ahve one framed for fun.. its $3 .. I know he sold most in the $140 range ( how, it was a HUGE deal and he mentioned it alot back then)). I waited each week as he went and nothing came back. Finally my family went and i had my own money and i was hunting the local Target or Kmart for it (there where no wallmarts in my area back then). They where OOS!!!!! but the local electonics guy inthe store told me hte TI99/4A was BETTER! (i question that nowdays) but I did purhcase one.. and in the next year alot of the addons.. and about ayear after the Atari 400.. but MY FIRST was the TI99/4A which about 8 years ago i gave to an electronic buddy who played with it a few hours and its $1000's of addons (when purchased new)... and after he looked it over he threw it out when he moved. I idd pick anothe up on ebay (just the computer) years later for $25 just so i had one.. I still hve all my other original computers, the 400, the vic-20, the c-64.. and AMIGA! but not hte ORIGINAL TI99.. I loved that PC for a short year.. but I must say it was a BAD CHOICE the 400 Atari was much better and would have probebly lasted along time.. but it was in an error when newer and better was being introduced almost daily.. And My ambitions (and overreaching dreams) soon outstrips the home market .. I spent most of my time on the shcools PC's and used mine for games and basic stuff.

on a side not .. i may finally get into this tablet thing ( i may have my unused 32 IPAD for sale.. bad time, so does everybody else right now , heehhe).. they got a toshiba here (at work) with some beta of win8 (or whatever you want to call it ) and.. wow.. now i see the possibilities.. i can do ANYTHING (except hardcore game) on it that i have tired so far.. and a HD!

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my answer

MaximumRD asks us to tell him about our first real computer we got. Here's my little whispered tale (I had to be quiet because the wife was sleeping)

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My first computer was a

My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20 when I was in fifth grade (New Jersey my whole life), around age 10 (I'll be 40 in October of this year). It was strictly cartridge-based and I used it to program in BASIC. We sold it when I was in sixth grade to get a Commodore 64, which I eventually got a disk drive for with money from a paper route and other somewhat nefarious means. Prior to the Vic-20 I had an Atari 2600, which I purchased with Communion money when I was around 7. By the time I had the C-64, I had the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision. From there, my collection grew dramatically to the 400+ systems I have today.

When I had my Commodore 64, which was the dominant home-owned computer in my area at the time (lots of trading going on), my one friend owned an Apple IIe and my other friend owned an Atari 800XL. One other friend eventually got a TI-99/4a, followed by a IIc and Commodore 64, while another got a Commodore 128, which he ended up regretting because this was around the time the shift to PCs was happening (EGA era).

After the Commodore 64 I got an Amiga 500 and eventually transitioned to a 386 SX-20-based PC, before finally going all PC with a Gateway Pentium-90.

The first computer I saw in school was an Apple IIe in my keyboarding class. We learned to type there on electric typewriters and there was literally the one Apple IIe that was not yet put to use in the class (in fact, the teacher didn't even know how to do anything with it). I first programmed in school on a TRS-80 Model III, followed by a Model 4, both of which I recall taking place in Junior High (I still have the original disks, which are probably dated). My final programming classes were conducted on a Tandy Model 1000 early on in high school, still in BASIC (again, I still have the original disks, still dated).

Rob Daviau
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Great and interesting answers guys thanks. This simple question has gotten a lot of response on Youtube and elsewhere I have posted. Very happy with all the responses, interesting to know the answers.

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My first computer (well, my

My first computer (well, my dad's first computer) was the Commodore VIC-20. After that, C-64, C-128, Amiga 1000, Amiga 3000. The first one I ever bought myself was a Gateway PC, though I did contribute to the 3000. My grandma gave me her old C-64, so I guess that technically was the first one really and truly mine. I really miss her and wish I still had the computer she gave me. :(

I barely remember the VIC-20; my earliest memories of actually operating a computer was the C-64.


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