Matt Chat 156: Police Quest

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This week's episode is a retrospective of Sierra's classic graphical adventure game Police Quest. Designed by a real-life policemen (Jim Walls), this game is unique in the Sierra lineup and boasts three sequels. Offering great humor in addition to serious police work--not surprising since Al Lowe was involved--Police Quest was the first Sierra game I ever played. I was never able to get very far since I had a pirated copy with no manual (the irony!), but that didn't stop me from trying and having a great time with it.

Download the video here.
Buy Police Quest 1-4 from GOG for only $10. Use this link and I'll get a kickback!

If you'd like to submit a video idea for the retrospectives, here's the rules:

1. 10-30 seconds
2. Introduce yourself (name or handle is fine, but don't forget it)
3. Where you're from (city, country if not from the U.S., etc.)
4. What game you want me to review
5. What makes the game great/unique/historically important

That's all there is to it! If I decide to review the game, I'll post a clip of your video in the retrospective, as well as a link to your video channel if you have one.


Anonymous (not verified)
Police Quest is a hilarious

Police Quest is a hilarious game, I didn’t knew this was designed by a real life policemen. T think that’s why it’s so unique.

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