Matt Chat 180: The Longest Journey

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I'm back this week with The Longest Journey, a game proposed by Crow of Retro Road Show. While the game suffers from a very slow start, if you can get through the first couple hours you'll be rewarded with one of the best game narratives ever.

Download the mp4.


Eric Wittbrodt
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Thanks to this game I cringe

Thanks to this game I cringe involuntarily every time I see an inflatable duck.

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Red Dwarf

Enjoyed the podcast review as usual. Never played The Longest Journey but it's obviously a big game in the genre.

The last adventure game I played was Syberia and I really liked it.

Loved the audio clip at the end of this podcast. Not only is Red Dwarf one of my favorite shows, but the cheerful toaster bit is one of the best bits of the entire run.


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