Matt Chat 182: Chris Taylor's Confession

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Here it is, the Matt Chat to end all Matt Chats! Gas Powered Games' latest project, Wildman: An Evolutionary Action RPG, hasn't been going well, and Chris blames himself. In this hour-long interview, we see Chris at times sad, grateful, guilty, and brilliant. Without doubt, he's a Good Person, someone that nobody should want to see fail regardless of the project he takes on. What makes the situation worse, though, is that Wildman actually looks like a great game, especially for folks like me who love Civilization-style tech building. Check out the video, and don't forget to pledge a few dollars to the Kickstarter campaign. Every little bit helps.

You can download the mp4.


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Yes i may be a bit too soon

Yes i may be a bit too soon with the "kickstarter craze dying" thing.. But I got to wonder if the high profile ones that made big bucks might be about it. I do think this one is dead for several reasons.. High Money goal ( as you mentioned), no high profile games from GpG lately, to late to the Kickstarter bandwagon, and maybe just a little of the Shine has wore off Kickstarter too.. I am sad to see it go.. but with all endings, something new should happen and Chris even said that.

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They did last very good game before 15 years, Total Anhilation was good game, not superior a bit without atmosfere, but technology was great.

Dungeon Siege, againt technology was superior, free camera, 3D, multiparty, donkey, streaming etc, but game world was boring. I would like to meantion, that this technology was latetly used for some Ultima remakes, what is once again great.

Only kickstarter project which i donated was Wasteland 2, here i bought digital copy.

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Bryan (not verified)
I gotta say, I really feel

I gotta say, I really feel for the guy, but until watching the video this past sunday (02/10/13) and listening to his explanation of Wildman, I did not truly understand the games concept. I feel that I do now and while it sounds intriguing, I read an article today saying he shut the kickstarter down, I sure hope that he is able to figure things out.

Part of the issue, at least for me was that the art aesthetic and my initial assumptions about the gameplay (later proved to be incorrect by the man himself) immediately turned me off. I also have not really played any of his games (beyond demos), though had heard of him, which is why did star it in case I changed my mind. but by the time I found myself better informed I'd already backed two other kickstarters one of which was for a game I've been waiting a long time for (Dreamfall Chapters) and I could not bring myself to drop it to fund wildman.

I don't know why I've felt the need to explain myself, I suppose I feel disappointed in myself for not giving him more of chance initially, seems like a really great person, someone most industries benefit from.

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See WARGAMING Bought GPG.. the WOrld Of Tanks guys.. Interesting.. cant see this being a good thing for GPG as in, producing Chris taylor games.. but a good thing in "we all get a paycheck still "way. I wonder if its a EA type thing.. still makes games under a studio branch.. or just get absorbed into the company?

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