Where Did You Play Your Arcade Games?

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What Arcade-games did you use to play? When did you play them? And where? In the Arcades or somewhere else?

Interghost did a great video on it and made it a TAG:
This is my response to it. If you don't know Interghost yet - please go check out his video and channel.


Chip Hageman
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Excellent video Mark... My

Excellent video Mark... My first exposure to videogames was actually Space Invaders located in an old revolutionary war outpost converted to a restaurant in Medford Lakes, New Jersey called the Settlers Inn back in 1979.. Subsequent gaming included many hours at Medford Bowling Lanes playing Joust and Moon Patrol.. and weeks playing Galaga at the Echelon Mall... though, I forget the name of the actual arcade.

Great video! It brought back some fond memories.


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