The Archos Gamepad - a lot of things are fixed - revisited after 1st firmware update

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My 1st review of Dec 24th revisited. With the new firmware update I'd give this device a much higher end-score. 7.5 out of 10 or 75% of 100. Much if not all software issues with buttons cancelling each other out have been removed with the firmware update. Also the lag and flickering screen with the Archos mapping tool have been removed. Very nice. It brings the device up to a standard it really should have been when it was released. Read more below.

Mind you the old review still shows a very in depth real world experience with the device that may be interesting for people wanting to buy the device.

Where can you find the official new firmware:

On this forum you can find information on how to root the system
Mind you rooting your device does void warranty.

minuses that remain:
- battery life is short (2-3 hours with 3D intensive games) longer with browsing
- thumb-pad is not a real thumb-pad but 4 individual buttons which seriously lessens the ergonomy of that part of the controls but still good enough for a lot of games actually.


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Hi, I was the planning to buy this gadget when in some review i read it isnt compatible with some big games. Is that also fixed in this update?

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Games and button mapping compatibility

Basically it is titles that are specific to the Tegra chipset that won't.

Here is a link to a page that has a listing of compatible games and games that actually have a mapping profile on the stock firmware.

GTA III doesn't run with the standard settings BUT with a secure root method for the tablet you will be able to modify your build.prop, and change the device ID of the device. With? this, you will be able to see more apps on the store, and download other games such GTA and quite a few of them will work. With GTA 3 you have to disable the touch screen mapping and the game will run.


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