Mark plays.... Super Aleste (Fail on 2nd level) (HD)

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Compile is one of the great shoot'm up creators from the land of the rusing sun. Aleste / Power Strike has been one of their major series on various platforms. This game is the 16 bit incarnation on the Super Nintendo. Read more below...

If you want to find the US version of the game it is called 'Space Megaforce'. The Japanese version is the most complete version though!

Super Aleste has very lush and varied stages, ranging from forests to alien bases. Here is the
list of stages and original names:
-Emerald Belt Jungles - The first level of the standard game. It is very lush, then there is an expansive field full of alien built floating cities, with a defense system, which after then the player encounters their first end stage boss, a machine armed with four cannons, called Agalor.
-Super Battle Ship - A very large space station-like enemy called Dunbak, it has weapon emplacements all over it, with the last enemy a set of nine turrets.
-First Bonus Stage - An alien space mining zone, with the boss being a machine called Sangor.
-Pullman Nebula - An area in space where there is an enemy emplacement, called Fakkrel, with enemies ranging from fighters, flame emitting ships, and expanding/contracting moons.
-Cavern of Doom - The caverns of a planet which is dead from over mining by drill units and the boss, a bronze contraption called Tabary.
-Second Bonus Stage - Another mining quick stage, with the boss being a machine called Blasmet.
-Meteor Shower Zone - An area in space where asteroids roam free, and in the middle of the field, is an alien base with a defense station called Mingal.
-The Ghost Fleet - An area where an unsuccessful attempt by the Earth Defense Force's fleet lays. Sadly, the Alien army has gained control of the laser systems and engines on the Earth's battleships and are using them against the Aleste. The boss is called Thork.
-Third Bonus Stage - The final alien mining zone, this one is better protected, and the boss is called Dubber, and it launches small fighters.
-Mirror Jungle - The alien mirror world of the first stage's jungle, it has flying stone blocks and enemies galore. The boss here is repeat of the first one, Agalor, except this time Agalor is harder to destroy and has bombs added to his arsenal.
-Turbo Tunnel - A large blue and black tunnel where the Aleste flies very fast, and must dodge turrets and fighters to make it out. There is no boss.
-Alien Lair - The final level, there are literally cells which attack you, with a pulsating background. Tabary and Thork return as minibosses, and you have the showdown with the alien leader, Zaju.

The Japanese version has more content than the European and American versions, here are
some of the differences:
Has Super Deformed art on the options and game over screen.
Has story intermissions between the stages.
The ending is twice as long and reveals the mystery behind the enemy invasion. More information is revealed upon beating the game on the harder, very hard, and then the hardest difficulty levels.
The names of the levels and their bosses are different

This video was inspired after seing Lawnboyspost1975 video in which he does a great shout out to me and plays the game rather well actually.
Dave's video can be found here:

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